July 23, 2020

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ADC selected one of the Best Asian-Inspired Home Builders in the US

ADC selected one of the Best Asian-Inspired Home Builders in the US

ADC’s Makena Residence on Maui showcases the firm’s craftsmanship and attention to detail. Photo by Tropical Light Photography

Architectural Design & Construction (ADC) in Wailuku, Maui was recently selected as one of the “Best Asian-Inspired Home Builders in the US” by Home Builder Digest. Visit https://www.homebuilderdigest.com/the-best-asian-inspired-home-builders-in-the-us/ for a full list of the winners.

Home Builder Digest is an online publication that celebrates the best home builders and residential architects across the US.

According to its Editor and Founder Jack Cookson, “Architects and designers have recently been exploring different style combinations to bring fresh ideas to the table. Modern and contemporary homes infused with Asian details are becoming a trend in home design and construction. Asian-inspired homes are often characterized by materials like wood, multi-layered roofs, clean lines, and the copious use of natural elements. Styles have been sub-classified into Oriental, Japanese, Tropical, and Thai. In our selection of the Best Asian-Inspired Home Builders in the US, we handpicked the best firms capable of building these specialized homes.”

ADC is an award-winning home builder in Maui specializing in residential construction and renovations. The firm was founded by Clayton Nishikawa, a well-established architect who continues to guide his team in creating world-class homes while building lasting relationships. ADC’s team is composed of Certified Green Professionals, LEED Accredited Professionals, and AIA Maui members.

“ADC’s portfolio is filled with tropical-themed homes well-suited to their island location,” said Cookson. “A perfect example is the Makena Residence on Maui, designed by Kober, Hanssen, Mitchell Architects, Inc.; and built by ADC. This relaxing abode offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of life, featuring a tropical paradise design with views of the serene ocean. An outdoor courtyard pool simply completes the home. The tropical vibe comes strongly of this Bali-inspired residence. We were particularly impressed by ADC’s excellent craftsmanship. This project really reflects their dedication and expertise when it comes to home construction.”

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