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Senior Project Designer

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Project Management

  • Learn to create realistic project schedule: estimate time frame for design development, structural design, construction documents.
  • Manage client expectations: schedule, budget, and project scope.
  • Provide the client with regular project status reports throughout the design phase.
  • Coordinate with consultants to meet project requirements.
  • Meet project schedule and budget for design services to maintain profitability.
  • Maintain complete project file: document all correspondence, meetings, approvals, and consultant information.
  • Supervise the Junior Project Designers.
  • As Senior Project Designer, oversee and approve all design documents.  Then submit them to the Principal / Construction Manager for approval.  Finally, submit them to the Principal / Owner for conceptual approval.
  • Provide support to other design team members when needed, to ensure the success of the team.
  • Attend preliminary design meetings with the client.  Create a report of all decisions and client requests for each meeting.


  • Provide programming to meet client’s budget and project requirements.
  • Develop conceptual design solution within project schedule. 
  • Actively work with design team to improve design.
  • Develop computer skills to aid in project delivery.
  • Learn to prepare an initial cost estimate; obtain input and review from Project Manager and Principals.
  • Obtain finish selection approval from the client prior to construction.
  • Review all plans and specifications for quality control prior to review by Principals.
  • Prepare applications for submittals.


Project Management

  • Work with the Construction Manager and learn to cross over from Project Design to Construction Project Management.
  • Attend regular project team meetings with Project Manager and/or superintendent.
  • Perform site visits to observe progress of work and verify conformance with plans and specifications. Send regular reports to clients regarding site visits.
  • Review shop drawings, for potential discrepancies/conflicts with the contract drawings or specifications.
  • Keep detailed records of addendums, with approval from clients. 
  • Provide Project Manager with current set of plans and specifications, with changes clearly noted.
  • Proactively solve design issues that come up during construction.


Business Development

  • Bring in new clients and continue to work with existing clients on new projects.
  • Recruit outstanding employees.


  • Complete accurate and detailed timecards, noting additional services where applicable.
  • Use administrative time effectively to improve the operations of the company.
  • Keep a clean and organized work environment. File drawings and project files appropriately.
  • Assist in general office duties as needed.
  • Maintain regular work hours, and schedule time away from work in advance with Principals.

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